Interview on Hometextile Turkey – Sayı 98 / Issue 98




Graziana Calabrese Biography

Graziana Calabrese is an emerging architect who specializes in interior designer, product designer.

She is born in southern Italy, studied and worked in Florence by collaborating on luxury retails and hotelier projects, extra luxury residences for foreign buyers. She has made projects for great luxury brands including Ferragamo, Antinori, Gucci, Ritz Carlton.

In 2016 she opened a studio in Milan, followed as art director some chains of restaurants in New York, London and Milan.

She realizes the new concept store for the historic Italian jewelry company Pasquale Bruni in Singapore, Malaysia and Italy.

She personally designs all the custom made furniture and fabrics for hers project of luxury residences and hotels. Each hers project therefore becomes unique and distinctive.

She realizes a line of decorated stone furnishings presented at the Milan design fair 2017, winning the Design Competition of Region Puglia.

Performs a personal set-up on the Milan design week 2017 theme Amazing cliché, stereotyped design trends reinterpreted irreverently and original style.

Also in 2017 she partecipates as a guest to represent Italian taste at the Evteks fair in Istanbul.



01_ Could you tell us about the autumn / winter trends of 2017-2018 for the decoration world?

Next year will be characterized by the use of the details, the fashion of modern and minimal style is now gone into disuse, the taste is getting more and more into furnishings and fabrics rich in details.

Probably we have realized that modern homes are often cold and impersonal, and there is always a need to find their own ad hoc environment.

In this scenery the multicolor Geometric textures become the protagonists, with references to the vintage style of the ’60s and’ 70s. Old vintage textiles had been fashionable since last year but recalled the 1920s. The trend of vintage is increasingly widespread, often used vintage furniture mixed with contemporary furnishings to recreate an eclectic and never standardized effect.


An other trend of this year is the Ethnic style, it ‘s very bright, dynamic, lively and original.

It impresses with its scale, riot of colors and original decor. There are many variations of ethnic style for the 2017-2018:
• African style (which includes Moroccan and Egyptian),
• Mediterranean and Colonial
• Peruvian and Mexican.

Ethnic style usually choose people who love to travel and to visit new countries and territories, those who want to surround themselves with the spirit of wandering and adventure novels.

Almost always this style recreates the atmosphere of antiquity and ancient times. In this interior there is no place for modernity, extra gloss and glitter, artificial materials.

Colors are very rich and vibrant. Red, yellow, burgundy, blue, green, and blue dominate in the interior. There are also many natural shades – brown, beige, olive, ocher, orange.

One of the characteristics of ethnic style is that for wall hangings and furniture upholstery they use expensive and colorful fabrics, whether silk or muslin.


The trend of fantasies that has been widespread for some years will continue to characterize this year, in particular, there are no half measures, fantasies are micro or macro, so many small florals that recreate almost the effect of united fabric or large flowers especially used For decorative pillows. These fantasies, however, often have soft and sober colors, never ringing. Usually in my interior projects I try to mix floral fantasy fabrics with geometric texture to create special contrasts.


Nature is also a recurring element in the textile industry, and next year the colors of the earth will be the main characters in all the brownish nuances and natural forms. The brown, hazel-colored to terracotta color up to the black head, is used for a single piece, such as a fully coated single-color armchair and gives a warm touch to the environment.


Finally, the laminate effect on gold and silver nuances, creates fine refined effects, is used in thin filaments in lightweight fabrics for curtains, or for metallic embroidery on raw fabrics (cotton or linen) that come used for bedspreads, upholstered bed headboard or decorative pillows. The metallized effect, for those who want to dive, can be used to completely cover pillows that are combined with other sober pillows.


02_What are the role of home textile products when decorating? How should we consider the home textile products for decoration concepts? As a main element or just a supplementary factor?


Interior designers, those good and expert, with a few accents can create unique settings. For this reason, I believe that home textile products for decoration are a key aspect for interior design.

It is often thought that furnishings are the main protagonists but in reality are the fabrics that create unique scenarios. Surely for economic reasons it is often thought of only in the main furnishings, neglecting the details, but it is also true that Architects or interior designers often do not know how to handle and combine different textile products and are therefore confined to standard furnishings.


Think of a gray couch without cushions, then add fantasy cushions, colored or in color gradations, so the same couch acquires another value. The same applies to curtains, padded fabrics and wallpaper, which, if used with taste and attention, become the main protagonists of the room.


I have been working for many years in this area and I believe that the customer is guided in understanding the importance of home textile products for decoration, in fact I usually accompany my customers in purchasing, explaining the differences between the various fabrics, preferring wherever the fabrics Natural and evaluating together the mood closest to their taste.




03_What kind of decoration concept should be preferred by home textile companies in their showrooms?


I have verified that in the showroom of the pieces already made it very much helps customers, often when there are already pillows made, the coated armchairs the customer directly purchases that exposed product.

I personally when designing interiors I prefer to make large objects such as sofas, curtains, plain bedspreads, united fake or light nuances, avoiding too strong fantasies that I prefer to use on decorative pillows on one or two armchairs. Even for wallpaper I prefer to use something neutral on all walls and dare maybe only on a wall, the main one.

You should not underestimate all the accessories, the different pillows you can make, the trimmings and the tents for the curtains.


04_What do you think about Turkish home textile products?

I have carefully observed the Turkish textile products at your Evteks fair, I found with pleasure the beautiful companies that make good products and above all the competitive prices. I think that they need to work to improve their fantasy and to create even more unique and special products, they must aim not only on price but also on innovative products and new textures. To entice the foreign market to buy more and more, one has to focus more on the aesthetics and on the peculiarity of the product.

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